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G10 Shallow Water Freeride Fin

Siren Delta Freeride Fin

(1 customer review)


G10 Shallow Water Freeride Fin

Siren Delta Freeride Fin

(1 customer review)


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Ultra short freeride windsurfing fin for shallow and weed filled water

The Siren Freeride Delta windsurfing fin is designed for shallow water and thick weed locations. Who says that you need a massive 40cm freeride fin on your board?

Why do board companies supply their boards with such long fins for intermediate windsurfers which are cumbersome and often dangerous?

Windsurfing equipment has changed over the years (a lot!) and fins have increased in size, what this means for the typical windsurfer is that they are somewhat stuck with a big long upright fin as standard. This seems rather a backward way of doing things, it makes it harder to beach start, easier to hit submerged objects and most annoyingly really easy to cut yourself or damage your sail etc.

We decided to make an ultra-short and compact freeride fin which would enable you to windsurf in shallow water, beach start with ease and avoid cuts from sharp edges.

The Siren fin range consists of four size options to cover all riders with a wide range of freeride boards and wind conditions.



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1 review for Siren Delta Freeride Fin

  1. Surprising performance for weed-type fin!

    jack karabasz (verified owner)

    I got this fin for my wife’s new Goya 145 Volar. We often sail in shallow water in Florida and NJ. A couple of years ago she hit a solid sandbar while wound-out. She got thrown and broke her leg 1/2 mile from shore! Needless to say, she’s paranoid about shallow water! This fin has surprising performance for its shape/depth. The center of resistance of this fin feels more like a normal fin, where regular weed fins rake back which changes the whole feel/performance of the board. It isn’t up to the performance of the vertical 46cm that she uses in deep water, but with this fin, we can sail pretty much anywhere and feel safe. I did stick a very thin piece of deck rubber pad on the top edge of the fin that fits against the bottom of the board in front of the box to keep a smoother flow and also to keep weeds from getting caught there. It might not be your “everyday go-to fin”, but it is the best we’ve tried for special situations. It fits perfectly in the box and I would buy it again. 5 stars!

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