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G10 Wave Sailing Thruster Fins

Epic Thruster Fins

(3 customer reviews)


G10 Wave Sailing Thruster Fins

Epic Thruster Fins

(3 customer reviews)


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Versatile & ready for any wave sailing conditions you can find

The Epic Thruster wave fins deliver the speed and grip needed in a wide range of wave sailing locations from high wind jumping in Cape Town to light wind wave riding in Peru.

Over the past few seasons thruster wave boards have become increasingly popular due to their ease and range of use.

Thruster fins offer a balance between the speed of a single fin and the control of a quad fin setup, making them the default option for many wave sailors.

Thruster wave fins excel in anything from onshore chop offering speed and drive, to big bumpy waves where they offer control to keep you connected to the wave.

The Epic Thruster fin range consists of two front fin options and five rear fin choices to cover all riders with a range of boards in a wide variety of wave sailing conditions.

Use a bigger rear fin in onshore and jumping conditions and a more balanced set up for enhanced wave riding.

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3 reviews for Epic Thruster Fins

  1. Increased performance in onshore sailing

    harald.solheim (verified owner)

    Replaced std quad setup on my 2018 Grip 82 liter with a set of 17.5 rear & 11.5 fronts, never went back to the quad setup even with my 3.7m

  2. Incredible grip in the turns

    Michael S.

    Used thruster set up on new Carbon Art Ahu wave board and amazing! Incredible grip in the turns. Total fan!

  3. Sensational drive and control.

    Kirk Koster

    Just enjoyed a seriously fun, seriously windy, few hours on the water at Zhunan (Taiwan) and am loving my new Mini Epic Thrusters! We deal with a fair amount of current here when it’s on and the fins feel rock solid underfoot, with sensational drive and control. A truly sensational bit of kit that more than lives up to the Black Project legacy. Get some for your ride as methinks you too will be as impressed as I am!

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